Connecting People With Purpose

Successful recruiting in today's competitive employment marketplace can feel like an uphill climb. Employer Branding that achieves the pinnacle of describing your unique and purposeful company can help you reach the peak of successful recruiting.  

 Magnetic helps you reach your recruitment and engagement goals.


Meaning Matters at work

Your Pinnacle of Purpose 

Employer Branding should be more than a clever tagline and fancy logo. It should communicate the essence of what makes your company an employer of choice. We quickly gain understanding of what makes you unique as an employer and translate that experience into a promise to prospective employees looking for a purpose in their professional life.  Our Pinnacle of Purpose approach helps you articulate four important aspects of your organization:

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Simply stated, your employer value proposition is the promise you make to your employees.  It's the one thing that makes you different than your competition as you seek to attract the best talent available.

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From compensation, benefits and PTO programs, your total rewards are an important part of what attracts talent.  Choosing the right aspects to feature to recruits in high demand is critical to your success.

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Your leadership style, your work-life balance, physical environment and community work are all being assessed by candidates.  How you engage your employees is on display from the moment your hiring manager asks the first question.

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Every employee and candidate, young and old, yearns to work for something bigger than themselves.  How you state and live your purpose is increasingly the single biggest determinate for employment.



Getting started

An Investment in Successful Recruiting and Engagement

Magnetic can help you understand and establish a purposeful employer brand for the equivalent of what you'd pay for an executive level retained search.   Together, we can go from initial meeting to market ready in less than the time it takes to post, recruit, hire and on board a talented and in-demand leader.                                                       


Magnetic Employer Branding gets to the heart of what matters to current and prospective employees. Purpose, culture and direction come first, then creative packaging and presentation follow. Magnetic partnered with our HR and communications to create a compelling vision of our company as a top employer.
— -Olivia Rice, Agribank